Our story

Meet the duo behind Proofcamp

Gina grew up in Melbourne and knows all about making events and weddings special. She’s been running a photo booth business for years and she loves storytelling and turning ideas into reality.

Nedim, on the other hand, has been in the SEO industry for 10 years and he knows how to make businesses show up online with great content. He’s worked in multiple successful software companies and knows what moves the needle for startups and small businesses.

When Gina and Nedim met, they had an idea. Why not mix her way of telling stories with his know-how in the online world? And that’s how our team started.

Now, we’re managing a team of writers and are all about helping Aussie businesses shine online. If you want real people, honest work, and our special touch, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s make something great together.

This is us at a wedding in mid 2023

Our mission

Empowering Aussie businesses with holistic content marketing solutions. From planning to publishing, we handle the narrative, so you can steer the dream.